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Allen Kuceba
Co-Founder, CEO/CFO – LinkedIn
B.A. Business Administration (Finance & Entrepreneurship) & B.A. Economics, University of Washington

With a strong background in finance and organizational management, Allen Kuceba will focus primarily on the business functions of Alvarium Networks. He oversees the strategy, planning, finances, management, and operations of Alvarium Networks. His experience includes leading teams of software testers at Microsoft, interning at a Seattle-area hedge fund, and interning in mergers & acquisitions at a Seattle investment bank.

Chris Mathews
Co-Founder, President – LinkedIn
B.S. Informatics, University of Washington

With a strong technical background, Chris Mathews oversees Alvarium Networks’ product vision, strategy, planning, product management, and business development. His experience includes interning at Cisco Systems in an anti-counterfeiting unit, performing research with Micorosft Office Product Planning, and interning at Sandia National Laboratories assisting with big data analysis and cyber defense research for the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Zach Griswold
Co-Founder, CTO – LinkedIn
B.S. Informatics, University of Washington

Zach Griswold is tasked with further developing Alvarium’s software and managing the business’ internal information systems. He oversees the research, architecture, product development, review and testing of Alvarium’s software. Zach is our genius software engineer, having been hired at Microsoft in their DevX team, working on the Windows OS directly out of college.

Amanda Lui
Co-Founder – LinkedIn
B.A. Business Administration (Finance & CISB Chinese), University of Washington

Amanda Lui operates in a consulting capacity as an Alvarium researcher and product evangelist. She is currently a Business Analyst for Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations. Amanda’s experience includes serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Undergraduate Law Review, consulting for Microsoft Windows Azure, and competing in numerous case competitions, including a cloud computing case competition sponsored by Deloitte and Amazon.

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