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Hive Technology

The Vulnerable Status Quo

Since the inception of cloud infrastructure services, businesses have been flocking en masse in search of affordable alternatives to internally managed datacenters. However, many of these cloud services, such as Amazon’s cloud offerings and DropBox, have been criticized for their security flaws. Even security-conscious businesses who spend resources securing their data are taking few steps to mitigate the damage done when the data is stolen. As a result, many companies feel uncomfortable uploading their data to a “public” cloud and prefer (or are required to) to keep information within the company, but are still seeking the features and benefits that the cloud provides.

Security as a Priority

With Hive, businesses can:

  • Secure data across internal and external storage systems, including cloud services
  • Mitigate loss of sensitive data during cyber-attacks
  • Use administrative tools to easily comply with government regulations on information storage
  • Seamlessly integrate with other existing technologies
  • Utilize additional services for administrators and users

Alvarium’s core software focus is security. The ‘Hive’ software encrypts files, splits uploaded files into pieces, and distributes those pieces throughout the network via encrypted communications. Fully integrating internal & external servers, cloud services/storage, networked computers (desktops, laptops), and devices (tablets, phones), the pieces are scattered across the network, decentralizing the location of a single file. In the event of a cyber-attack, if one storage entity is compromised, only a small portion of the file is stolen, mitigating data loss and securing confidential data.
The distributed nature of the application allows large amounts of data to be stored network wide, while allowing for the transmission of the file pieces in parallel, resulting in faster and more redundant distribution. Alvarium’s Hive demonstrates an effective solution that simultaneously utilizes wasted file storage, efficiently uses network bandwidth and secures sensitive data.

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